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The Key to Success

What is your why? This is a question that many independent artists fail to ask themselves. Why is it so important? It is the root of successful marketing. Before your music sells itself, you need to sell yourself. You need to connect with your audience personally. Marketing as an independent artist is a lot like being a salesperson. A common misconception in sales is that people want to be sold on a product. This is not true. People want to buy. A great salesperson is able to build a relationship with the potential buyer, which leads to the buyer buying into the salesperson, and developing TRUST in that individual! Marketing your music as an independent artist is no different.

Ask yourself why. Why do you continue to make music? Who are your inspirations? Once you have an answer to these questions, share it with your audience. Turns out a lot of people have similar views of the world, and will connect with you on an emotional level. All music aside, they will buy into you as a person. Your goal as an artist starting out is to build that relationship, and nurture it by engaging with your fans and connecting on that emotional level. This will help you build that loyal fan base, who will become buyers. They will be the ones who attend your shows, await your new music, and connect with the stories you are trying to tell.

How do you do this? Give your following access to your daily life. Share your opinions on popular matters. Document your journey as an artist and continue to share with the audience why you’re continuing to make music. Talk about each track you put out on a deeper level. Give them a background of the inspiration for the track, and why it hits home with you personally. Continue to inspire people to be the best person that they can be. Effective ways to share these messages are through social media stories, live streams, and vlogs, to name a few. Find what works for you as there is no formula to the why approach. Your goal is to reach the audience in the most genuine way that speaks to who you are.

Once you have built this relationship with your fan base, consistently give them content. In this day in age, people have EXTREMELY short attention spans. The one hit wonders of the world don’t sustain continued success because they fail to consistently connect with their audience on an emotional level and give them different forms of music that feed the desire for entertainment through content. Understanding and implementing the why method of marketing will allow you to build that authentic fan base and turn them into buyers. Many of us take the quantitative approach when marketing, seeking the highest number of followers, viewers, and listeners possible. This is great, as it makes you look more credible. What happens when you have a show, and no one shows up? Those numbers don’t mean anything. It’s the quality numbers, the authentic fan base, that will show up for you and allow you to continue doing what you love.

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