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The 5 Steps to Effectively Market Your Music

Before we dive into the 5 crucial steps that all artists should take to effectively market their music, let’s start with the foundation of marketing. Creativity is the single most important tool that artists can use to gain exposure to their music and their brand. If you want fans to connect with you, you have to get creative with the ways you want to portray YOUR OWN image. Be unique.


This is the first and most important step to carrying out successful marketing campaigns throughout your entire career. Answering this question today doesn’t mean that your brand won’t evolve. It’s simply the framework that you need to establish in order to effectively carry out your next marketing campaign, and the next, and the next. The question you need to ask yourself here is, “Why do you do what you do?” This is what your audience will gravitate to. If you’re having trouble answering this question, take a look at some of the musicians that inspire you the most. This will certainly help guide you.


Think about your ideal superfan here. Not the guy or girl who may listen to your song a few times, but the one that will pre-save your next release, buy your merch, and attend your shows. Don’t overanalyze this. Just ask yourself a few questions:

· How old are they?

· Where do they live?

· What are they interested in outside of music?

· Who are some of their other favorite artists?

· What are they willing to spend their money on?

These are some basic guiding questions. Have these answered before your campaign, though. You will be able to compare your hypothesis to your results, which will allow you to have a better understanding of who you should be targeting with your future campaigns.


What do you want to accomplish with your next marketing campaign? Don’t overthink this question. Typically, musicians are looking to promote a new release. Review your previous releases, with or without marketing, and get a sense of where you are at. For example, if you are consistently around a particular number of streams without marketing efforts, set a goal to exceed those previous releases. Without a clear goal in mind, you are aimlessly marketing and won’t have a clear understanding of the campaigns success or failure.


Be realistic here. This is a crucial step. When you begin planning your campaign, this will always have to be at the top of your mind. It doesn’t take a huge budget to run a successful campaign. It’s how you optimize the amount to reach your goals. Those who think success in music is free are those that typically end up giving up. Being a musician is the same as being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur myself, I can assure you that running a successful business is not free. Align your plan that you will create in step 5 with your budget and make tweaks if necessary. It is very important that you take into account how long it typically takes to become a profitable musician. Budget out your living expenses first!


The key variables here that will impact your plan are your direct team, your personal strengths, your budget, and most importantly, the time you’re willing to devote. The action plan is really the fun part. Let’s get creative! Answer a few simple questions. Where does your audience listen to music, or consume the majority of your content? Get creative with the ways you utilize your website to develop an email list to reach fans directly. Get creative with the way you create content for social media platforms. Professional quality content is crucial to a successful marketing campaign. Along with this, consider the possibilities of having your song placed in playlists and advertised across YouTube. Make sure you pitch your music to top blogs and music reviewers online to maximize exposure. Whatever you choose to do, remember that every effort you take should be measurable to your goals that you’ve set. Track the results of every action and make sure you understand what all of the data means. If you need help with any of this, Encor Music Group has you covered!

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