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Get the Show on the Road!

Since the beginning of the COVID quarantine, live shows have been put on hold indefinitely. As mentioned in our inaugural post, this is a fatal blow to the industry. Promotion and ticketing powerhouse Live Nation has begun innovating ways to speed up the timetable. Musicians and fans are itching for live shows to resume. With many tours postponed, Live Nation is eager to get the show on the road.

How will Live Nation get around the laws restricting large gatherings? A few options that have been discussed are live streamed shows without audiences, as well as drive-in events. These are two unprecedented ideas that spark many questions and concerns. Live Nation President and CEO Michael Rapino has addressed some of the questions and concerns on a recent investor earnings call.

“Whether it’s in Arkansas or a state that is safe, secure and politically is fine to proceed in, we’re going to dabble in fanless concerts with broadcasts, we’re going to go and do reduced capacity shows because we can make the math work.” It’ll be interesting to see how artists respond to the idea of a fanless show. A whole production with no fans? We’ve seen this in a miniscule form on IG live, but nothing of a large scale magnitude. Would it be on stage with full lighting and effects? That would be interesting for sure. The idea of a live streamed fanless show must be appealing for television and live streaming networks. The bids for coverage of a large scale live streamed festival would be astonishing. Advertising would be at a premium, too. An interesting idea, which may be more feasible than the next idea we’re about to discuss.

Have you ever been to a drive in movie theatre? Get the SUV out, pop the trunk open, put the seats down, and get cozy for a movie. If you’ve never been to a drive in movie theatre, you’re missing out! What would this look like for a concert? That is the million-dollar question. We can imagine that it would look a lot like a drive in movie theatre in essence. Rules and regulations would be the main differences, though. Concerts have a much higher intoxication rate than movies. How do you prevent drunk driving? Do you sell alcohol? Merchandise? What if people get out of their cars and don’t practice social distancing? These are just a few questions and concerns. The idea is very creative and very logical in an ideal world. “We have all of these plans in place depending on the market and where that local city may sit in their reopening phases,” said Rapino when discussing the drive in concerts. We’re hopeful that they’ve considered these questions and concerns in depth. In Live Nation we trust!

We can agree that as fans we hope to see these plans roll out effectively. Live shows are the backbone of the music industry. Digital platforms have been carrying the industry during this time, but people will lose connection if they aren’t given enough live content. These ideas would be fun and different for the time being, but the day that live shows can go back to normal will be the day that we all take sigh of relief.

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